Additional Tips (to get your map released faster)

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Additional Tips (to get your map released faster)

Post by Ryozuki »

Before posting your map
  • Fly through your map once or twice with super, switching entities on and off or using cl_overlay_entities 50 command - you should see where game tiles don't match design.
    • Search for missing/not marked/too many freeze or wall tiles.
    • Delete the freeze on (small, round) corners which aren't supposed to have it.
    • Check if hookthroughs are made correctly - placed in the wall, around it, on each side.
  • Check your map 100 times, and check for bugs yourself, the less bugs the map has, the less time on testing phase.
  • Don't send your map after you put the last block in the editor - sleep with it, test it tomorrow and when you are sure it's ready for release in your opinion - send it to us.
  • The more complicated is the design, the more bugs there will be, if you have a really big/elaborated design, make sure there are not any graphical bugs.
    • If you used doodads, take a look if you didn't cut them and if you placed them correctly in wall
    • You used freeze-corners? Check if you didn't forget to do it in some parts. You know you used corners only for tele and not for freeze? Check all teles for missing corners then.
Avoid using checkpoint teleports!
CP means a lot of bugs. Please, really avoid it - there is often no need to use checkpoints.
It's stupid to make simple parts surrounded by CPs if normal teles do exactly the same, but looks and works much more clear.

Testers who don't ignore problems CPs can cause spend too much time on finding cheats, possible strange situations and fails, problems with going-back to help others, not logical behavior of parts, problems in big groups of tees, not touching CP by accident, decide what should be marked and more.

Fixing all these means more CPs next to each other, in every way and hole, what disturbs people playing with entities.

When tester is explaining what to fix...
  • The most important thing is to listen Them carefully.
  • Do not fix the map while (s)he is explaining you the fixes.
  • You should write somewhere the fixes you will have to do, to remember them.
Fixing maps
We want to trust mappers and believe everything is fixed in new version. But sadly we cannot.
Even a simple command to move something has to be checked - too many mappers can't fix maps correctly.
  • Don't use auto-mapper when you're fixing one spot - it can change something in whole map and make new bugs.
  • Almost always one tile is made with more than 1 layer:
    • When moving a "TO" tele remember to move the unfreeze also.
    • Changing something means both: graphics and game tiles, so they still match each other.

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