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Graphic Tools

Post by Index »

Graphic Tools
written by Index, based on tutorials by Welf, =CuBe=, BeaR and deen

Some information in this topic is outdated.
The newer ddnet releases are directly bundled with a few useful tools for the same purposes as described here. Read more about this topic here: viewtopic.php?p=62171#p62171
However you can still use the following programs, nothing changed function-wise.

There are some helpful tools to fix minor issues with your own tileset and image quads, you can get the graphic tools package for different systems in the ddnet download section under 'Other Downloads' (

Extract the .zip-archive and simply drag and drop the *.png images on the exectuables, shown here with dilate.exe
dialte.png (60.04 KiB) Viewed 11107 times
dialte.exe will take care of transparent areas to prevent black/white outlines around your images ingame (blending + mipmap issues, . It should be used always after you have created a tileset or an image. If your graphics software has some plugins they can be used instead.

tileset_borderfix should be only used for tilesets and only applied once. Fixes similar blending issues caused by tilesets. (your input image should be 1024x1024)

tileset_borderadd is similar to borderfix, but usually produces better output images. As input it expects tilesets with a size of 960x960 with 60x60 tiles. After you apply the borderadd operation, the image will be 1024x1024 with 64x64 tiles with a 2px border. tileset_borderset does pretty much the same but expects 1024x1024 images and the border will be done in place. So each 60x60 tile should be places inside a 64x64 tile, a bit complicated I know :>

tileset_borderrem is the inverse operation of borderadd and borderset.Don't apply it the image, which are fixed by borderfix.

If it's an image apply dilate.
If it's a tileset apply borderfix, borderset or borderadd. I would suggest borderadd.
Always make a copy of your original images as it will be overwritten.

Another useful tool is the Image Extractor. As the name suggests, you can extract any embded tileset from a map and save them as a .png-file. The tool is coded by unsigned char*
There are some discussion regarding the licenese and proper cerdit of custom mapres, see more in this topic and search the forum. THere are many threads lel
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by Savander »

Great article.

#To fix
should be

[mod=Index]Thanks, fixed :)[/mod]
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by imp »

Last line is just total nonsense. You can't steal anything that isn't possessed by anyone. TW is an open source game and if you upload maps with your own tilesets then you make them open source. And then some people are so egoistic and stubborn that they are offended when somebody uses their tilesets. Pro tip: Take it as a complement if your tilesets are liked and used. If you don't: Leave the community with your stupidity alone and uninstall TW... thx
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by hi_leute_gll »

No, mapres you use aren't automatically open source, only the code of the game is.
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by Ryozuki »

But there is no web or site where it says you can't use it/you have to give credits to him
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by HMH »

The problem about custom mapres is that they can be seen as some kind of art just like videos, artworks... Thus copyright automatically belongs to the author, even if he does not explicitly state that. This means that you actually do not have any right to use them without to fear legal consequences. In theory the creator could do some nasty things if he wants to stop you using his "art".
--> The creator of mapres etc. must explicitly state (license his work) that others are free to use his work.

There is also a thread on

As Baklavas post there is pretty nice I just repeat what he wants you to do: License your work and keep Teeworlds as free as possible :) !
Link that describes some licenses suitable for Teeworlds:
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by Gartfull »

When i make tileset with logo upline text in photoshop and its looks Ok, but when i put png file in teeworlds and load in map its look broken - mby i do somethink wrong or i need some text fix or some text styles is not suported, please tell me about that. sor for my bad english...
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by deen »

You need to paste the graphic file into the dilate tool. Also, make sure to use your logo as a quad, not tiles.
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by Soreu »

Also logo shouldn't be made on & as tileset, it should be separate image added to map as quad.
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Re: Graphic Tools

Post by ƤØŢĀŤ0|Co »

Link for Image Extractor doesn't work anymore
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