kazumastealer, hi nerds.

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kazumastealer, hi nerds.

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¡Hi! I'm kazumastealer3 I've played quite little game, of course, compared to other hehe, 9 or 8 months, it's been quite a journey full of wonderful people and pretty funny maps, but well, I don't know what to say.

I'm 14 years old, I live in Central America (spanish boi)
I've been banned 1 time hehe is a little embarrassing to say.

Well, I think that's it really, I'm not that special or something lel

C u nerds
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Re: kazumastealer, hi nerds.

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Hey, long time no see.. not really sure why this SubForum is here other then just to keep these type of sentimental '$h!t posts' all in one place.

i'll go back to life normal now...
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