Discord Account Change (Cellegen | HU#5405)

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Discord Account Change (Cellegen | HU#5405)

Post by Cellegen »

This DDNet Forum account is an identifier of Cellegen | HU#5405 (Discord Account).
Reason being, I cannot access my email address linked to that Discord Account, thus not being able to login properly.
I have an alt account which was accessible on DDRace Discord Server, but got banned or timeouted, duo to rulings of
using multiple accounts. I request an unban on this Discord Account Cellegen | RiH#5501 (Alt Account), since
the main account is free to join without a ban / timeout request and kick the main account out of the server. If the
account won't respond within a week, then consider my alt account my main.
Thank you in advance, Cellegen
RestInHell. - Team Leader
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