Moderator application [TUR]

Staff applications are currently locked down. Check the official DDNet Discord server to see when we open up moderator applications again.
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Moderator application [TUR]

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What are your current and past in-game names : IQuerlY,Nutella
How old are you? :18
What country do you live in? :Turkish
What languages do you speak? :English And Turkish.
Why do you think you should become a Moderator? : To maintain the order of the game, to keep the maps active, ban those people who troll.
How long can you be active on the server each week? : 10-14 hour every day.
How long have you been playing on DDNet? : Like 760 hours.
What is your Discord account? : IQuerlY#9994
Anything you want to say that has not been mentioned above? : Nope.
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Re: Moderator application [TUR]

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You haven't played or finished a map in 2 weeks. Also consider reading the application guidelines.


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