Moderator Application (Brazil)

Staff applications are currently locked down. Check the official DDNet Discord server to see when we open up moderator applications again.
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Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by .ambar »

Hello, my name is bruno, I'm 23 years old and I've been playing ddnet for about 8 to 10 years, I don't remember exactly how long
my discord is Guru#1949, I have great English, Portuguese and Spanish.

My most used nick for me is Thug and Crazzy but I already used some other nicks, I basically know all the players from Brazil Argentina and Chile and they know me too.
my time is currently completely free and I can dedicate myself 100%, so I would like to be part of the staff community to be able to help players who already play as well as help newcomers who are coming.

Brazil currently has a few staffs of about 1/2 and I believe that I would help a lot, mainly because it is a game that marked my childhood, I would like to help tag more people and help them to have a great experience with the game.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by Obeso »

I really reccomend him because he's a great person and I think he could help a lot on improving the ddrace community
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by noobcolorido »

+1 I recommend it, it helped me a lot when I started
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by Miguilim »

+1. He is a person with a centered mind and can add a lot to the community.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by SyphonFilter »

He is very kind and he is a good player, he knows almost all the players on the Brazilian server and he has been playing for a long time, I think he deserves this spot! :lol:
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa »

thug is a really great person! he helps me a lot and is a really good player <3 :D
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by murpi »

You've been playing DDNet for 10 years? None of your names even have 1000 points, not even all of them combined. Please gain more playtime on DDrace instead of block.

Declined for now.

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