Updated Game and SKINs

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Updated Game and SKINs

Post by Kiewiet »

Hey fellow Tees!
Long time since I've been one here. Hope everyone is having a great day/night (wherever you are)

So many years ago (7 I think), I posted 2 Skins and a Game.png
Obviously I don't really do much Photoshop/Gimp and so for the most part I just really mess around when I have a chance or feel like it.
Usually I Wouldn't really post anything even If I thought It looks great.
However, The main reason I Am Posting my new Game.png now Is because I finally fixed that T H I C C Hook that a lot of players love to use (Made famous by AOE's Game.png)

XERRIOUS.png (301.28 KiB) Viewed 197237 times

I am posting this for players that also don't really know how to fix Game.png's or make use of those programs. If you ask question I will try and help.
Though GIMP is free and learning how to Use Layers will help you greatly if you want to take from variety of other game.png's and make the one that you like the most.
I hope this helps anyone who likes the THICC BOI hook with no spacing problems (unless you prefer that spacing)

For shiz and giggles deciced to play around with one of AOE's old skins in gimp and made 2 skins from that, but slightly different. I Hope he doesn't have a problem with that. (If he does, I'll take it down)
here are 2 skins I played around with and got as a result:
KIWIfox.png (12.86 KiB) Viewed 197237 times
HITOfox.png (12.66 KiB) Viewed 197237 times
Here is a the blank version of the Fox:
Blankfox.png (11.11 KiB) Viewed 197237 times
(Credit to AOE who made the skin for FUMM
Skin should be on the download page (00Fumm)

Cheers everyone, Have a great one!
Until next time.
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