Banned because I am not "player"

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Banned because I am not "player"

Post by Leviathan »

I was searching for a z_catch server and I found one with people, and when I entered the game they banned me because I am not "player"

This happened me twice, and I had to re-write this post. But basically in entered a second time searching for some poves, but this time instead of putting "because he's not "player" " as a reason, they put like "dsa".. I can't believe there's still this kind of people in the game. I got their names and some proves of being banned because "asd" but not "because i am not "player" "... I hope you can do something about this. The spoke spanish so the original reason was "No es (no me acuerdo del nombre)"
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Re: Banned because I am not "player"

Post by deen »

They are probably a group of friends and trying to play privately. Try joining another server.

I'm not sure if this is even a server we are running.
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