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I play this game off and on. I don't really know, I am not very consistent.
I played teeworlds the first time when I was in school, maybe 10 years ago.
I also played a lot of fng and the map with thunderbird and fng5_beat or something with orange tiles.
I never finished maps, I just hung around. Maybe I finished once xyz_ddrace2.
Also I did not really involve in the community. Let me think of some names I remember from back then:
PrinzPi. - from a block server, but I didn't really play block.

Maps I remember from that time: hotrun - that's the reason for my name.
xyz_ddrace2. run_guy25 - haven't finished the map yet.
hardcore_??? some hardcore map I remember, but never finished.

Anyway, I can code a bit, and want to try modify teeworlds a bit and kick off my programming skills.
Ideas I have:
* team colors - already did that for fng
* import ghosts from other (if you want to learn from them to race)
* dummy mapping

Yeah, I love dummy maps the most I think. I finished caventure, then samsara, then dummy chamber.
That gave me a got start into the game. Finally after knowing the game for so long, I can finish maps!

What else is to say:
ahh: my favorite music when I play teeworlds: (it's a mix of different genres)

Hope to see you in game, or in discord or here.


also pace was actually the first dummy map I finished, which I really like.
I find it really inspiring the races on youtube and also the fng tricks, and that people do have max points!!!

I also remember skynet and koule maps. (at lest the names)
And the fng map was called fng_beat5e or fng5e I think.
I also played idm there and then.
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Re: coldrun

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Welcome coldren!
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Re: coldrun

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So is it coldrun or coldren? :?
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