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Re: Moderator Application

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Meekrioz wrote: Tue Dec 06, 2022 3:12 pm saw him multiple times with cagih. -1
agreed, i had quite a few instances where he would try to defend cagih while he was being racist / being rude to me just for enforcing the rules against the racists. (still have console chatlogs of him doing these)

(update: we talked about this a few times since, and he's been very reasonable and cool about it, he's not racist himself and after hearing his pov, the situation doesn't seem as bad to me, so I'll change my -1 to a +-0 )
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Re: Moderator Application

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F3 Best Coach!!
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Re: Moderator Application

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+1 Nice guy
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Re: Moderator Application

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I don't think there's anything left to say besides that he is Nothing69
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Re: Moderator Application

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+1 I think he can be a good mod.
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Re: Moderator Application

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+1 Very friendly and a great person. Carried me on multiple occasions.
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Re: Moderator Application

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Good person, +1
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Re: Moderator Application

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+1 He will save humanity
Jesus Christ
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Re: Moderator Application

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very fine man and also super handsome
i think he deserves it!
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Re: Moderator Application

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+1 Helpful <33

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