Moderator Application (Brazil)

Staff applications are currently locked down. Check the official DDNet Discord server to see when we open up moderator applications again.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

Post by Poseidon »

+1 He can be a good moderator.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

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+1 She's the best person that I met in DDnet, not only she's nice and responsible but she's really active and fair.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

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+1 Diamond was one of the first people I met, and was always nice to people, I think she really deserves it.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

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+1 Diamond is the best person to become a moderator for Brazil servers. She's very kind and responsible, also, she's very active.
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Re: Moderator Application (Brazil)

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DM any admin on discord for your auth and guidelines.

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