Moderator Application - Zeral

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Moderator Application - Zeral

Post by ZeralX »

Hi I am Zeral, my past nicknames have been CoPrix and Socal.

This is my third-time applying and I'd still love to become a moderator for this community.
I would try my best to maintain peace on the RUS,GER,FRA,POL and NLD servers.

I live in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany (UTC +1).

This is why moderating is so important to me, and why I would be a great moderator.
The main reason why I want to be a staff member is to make sure everyone is having a fun time on these fantastic servers. I would hate for someone to quit DDNet or feel bad because of someone being disrespectful, or because they need help with something such as learning how to play.

I am knowledgeable in the way that I can provide answers to anyone who requests help or at least point them in the right direction. I am up-to-date on the server, forums and Discord. I am also very familiar with the rules, meaning I am more than capable of enforcing them.
I am a very kind and considerate person in my communications with other players. I always treat others respectfully despite any altercations that we may have had in the past. I do not have a short temper and I am impartial - I do not give priority to some people nor do I give people special treatment. I am a fair person. I am also a helpful person. I am always quick to notice when someone needs assistance in the in-game chat or discord, and will always try my best to answer their queries effectively and efficiently. I am very approachable and am always happy to talk to people or go out of my way to help others, whether it be a simple question or more significant such as demonstrating how to use a feature or how to do a complicated technique.
Currently, I'm adding more content to the DDNet Wiki, I think it's really important to support the community as much as you can.
I'm trying my best.
Moving on, I'm fluent both in English and German, I also speak a small amount of French.

I believe I joined DDNet first time in August of 2017, though i started playing Teeworlds in early 2014 already. I play a lot of team 0 on Novice - Brutal servers, and sometimes I'm browsing through servers from other regions aswell and help new players there. I am in-game, Monday through Friday I can be active from anywhere between 2 and 6 hours. On Saturday and Sunday, I can usually be active for at least 2 hours and up to 8 (sometimes even longer). Discord, I am always online upwards of 3 hours per day, sometimes even reaching 8-12 hours. Forums, I can be online an hour per day, though this can be adjusted if needed.

I bring some experience from testing and mapping, so I can confidently say that I know a lot about this game and it's structure.

In terms of moderation experience, I have only moderated small clan servers. But I do have experience with discord moderation on Valorant servers as well as a smaller community server with a little over a thousand members.


Feel free to leave any feedback or constructive criticism.
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Re: Moderator Application - Zeral

Post by Izanagi »

+1 very experienced and passionate player from what i can see
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Re: Moderator Application - Zeral

Post by MilkeeyCat »

-1 ಥ_ಥ
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Re: Moderator Application - Zeral

Post by Seigneur »

+1 Had fun with him and he looks motivated, 3rd time applying, he deserves :3
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Re: Moderator Application - Zeral

Post by Keiss »

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Re: Moderator Application - Zeral

Post by murpi »


DM any admin on discord for your auth and guidelines.

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