Moderator Application [BRA/CHL]

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El YeK
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Moderator Application [BRA/CHL]

Post by El YeK »

Dear Staff:

Hello, I hope you are fine. I'm writing this because I'd like to apply for being Mod. Let's talk a bit about me.

My name is Yek and I'm 26. Currently I'm studying networking, and I know a lot about server implementation. I'd like to be mod so I can be able to help in the report section on Discord, and also in game don't allow behaviors that affect other players like fv or blocking other players.

At this momento I host some Noby servers and help in their administration and moderation for more tan a year. I work with different Fng and DDNet mods mainly in Chile or Brazil. I want the community to keep expanding and that new players feel welcome to participate more frequently, because this is a very Good game.

Now, let's talk about my experience. I've a lot of experience in Discord managing communities mainly in Spanish and some in English. In terms of users, the largest community I manage has 18K users. The others are projects or communities of content creators. However, I have time available to be able to help in this community and this great game. My Discord is Yek#6171.

My most respectful regards,
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Re: Moderator Application [BRA/CHL]

Post by Deëivid! »

Likes to help people and I think he would do a good job colaborating with the team :) +1 from me.
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Re: Moderator Application [BRA/CHL]

Post by Akari »

Definitely a +1 from me
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Re: Moderator Application [BRA/CHL]

Post by noby »

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Re: Moderator Application [BRA/CHL]

Post by murpi »


DM any admin on discord for your auth and guidelines.

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