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protect game nickname

Post by nardist »

[short] somebody use my nickname, can I somehow register my nick on me ?

my forum name is nardist but I have another name in the game.
I was very active player few year ago, but in a while I join sometimes to play with my old nickname.
I have around 2k points. always I check unfinished novice map, and in time appears new maps and I just play on them.

I have big history with teeworlds, a lot of time I played default teeworlds client, and when I found ddnet/ddrace I was fall in love with that
I'm not pro player but I have finished some hard map, but in general I play in novice map, I have finished all novice map
I meet a lot of friends in ddrace, more of them I still have in discord and dead skype, I have big history on the site, with my teammates, records, tops and other stuff.
I'm not young now but I still love this game, and I have one stupid problem, someone used my nickname, finish my unfinished novice map and I don't like it, that kid I think don't want to chose another nickname, and continue to use mine. that fight is continue some time.
around all info on ddnetorg/players/[my nick] is mine, my first finished map, teammates, tops, ranks is mine, but that person who use my nick destroy that, his friend call me fake, some my friend think he is me and that is not right, can I somehow register my nick on me ?

I think many people have the same problem, maybe you will make some official nicknames what unregistered people can't use ? I'm ready to login with fingerprint, faceID, ssh, certificate based authentication, Authy, google authenticatior, google account, sms or email login, to avoid the problem like someone used your nickname, maybe I need to pay for register that nicknam on me ?
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Re: protect game nickname

Post by bota »

A link to the forum account could be nice / helpful
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Re: protect game nickname

Post by Chairn »

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do as there is no account system. So everyone can name as they wish.

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