Mod Applications Edge For TR

Staff applications are currently locked down. Check the official DDNet Discord server to see when we open up moderator applications again.
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Mod Applications Edge For TR

Post by Edge »

Hey tees Staff Application Writing.

hello me again

what are your current in-game names?
Edge, my Dummy name is phiec

How old are you?
I'm 21 years old.. Gaming has no Age

What country do you live in?
Turkey But I go to Germany every year my family is there

What languages do you speak?
Turkish (first language) and English (a little German) My English is Good Enough

Why do you think you should be a Moderator?
DDRaceNetwork I think that the game needs new modaretors globally. every time I enter the game I encounter a lot of blockers admins and moderators are catching up with many of them it may be morning there while it is night here due to country hours so I'm active in the game for 15 hours,and i can ban it boomers.

How many hours can I be active on average during the day?
A minimum of 5-6 hours a day, but if my maneskin song is on or joji 15 hours (every day...)

How long have you been playing on DDNet?
I played the game in 2013, my nickname was different at that time, one of the first maps I played was xyz and after that I played cobra maps like everyone else, I left it for a long time due to school but now I'm back on the field :D

What is your Discord account?
My Discord name: phiec#1943 I'm on DDRacenetwork server and it's nice to see you on discord ^^

Is there anything I want to say?
I'm aware that I can't do mod applications very well, if I had done well, I wouldn't be wasting my father's money right now.. I think it's good that he finds it funny too :D Anyway, I'll Understand If Rejected I'm ready to be here whenever needed and spending time with people in the game makes me happy !

I wish all ddnet officials and everyone reading this have a good day <3

I was too excited, I might have made a mistake, after all, I wrote it while eating my ice cream. :lol:
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Re: Mod Applications Edge For TR

Post by shishu »

+helpfull guy
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Re: Mod Applications Edge For TR

Post by -StormAx »

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Re: Mod Applications Edge For TR

Post by Mustafa2406 »

very good ,man,friend,player,child
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Re: Mod Applications Edge For TR

Post by murpi »

Hi Edge,
thanks for applying to be a moderator. Unfortunately, we've decided not to move forward with your application at this time.
We've heard some reports of past bad behavior from you and think it's important for moderators to set a good example for the community.
We hope you'll take this as an opportunity to reflect on your past actions and make improvements for the future.


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